Black Rat is an Oslo based clothing brand, created by designer and tailor Siri Sveen Haaland. 

Black Rat was born 12 December 2012. Just one week after launch, Black Rat was announced Newcomer of the Year on Oslo Fashion Week and got its own exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum in February 2013. 

Siri started out with only two jackets and has since then built the brand brick by brick; featuring both commercial and non-commercial collections. 

The idea behind Black Rat is built on the rat itself. It is color blind, it lives in herds in the underground and it is nearly immortal. 


In April 2016 Black Rat was accepted and sold in the gigantic flagship store Topshop, Oxford Street, London. Black Rats two latest collections Rabinowitz-collection and Ansatt/Innsatt went down the runway of New York Fashion Week


The rat lives in herds in the underground. Norwegian music is the ground source in Black Rat and that is what I want to support and promote.  Through these collaborations you will be introduced to several exciting and emerging bands. See all collaborations here


The main guideline behind any Black Rat design is that it should be timeless. Each garment should be able to work in any season, any year and be combined with any other garment you have in your wardrobe.

Photo: Plnty Magazine

Photo: Plnty Magazine

Think like a rat and you’ll stick in there forever.
Photo: D2 Magasinet

Photo: D2 Magasinet


Black Rat aims on being as sustainable as possible. You should know what you are wearing. The fabric qualities are mainly natural fibres such as wool, bamboo and organic cotton, and the products are made in certified factories. 


Norway has a long tradition in our national costumes; bunad. Siri comes from a tailor family who have been making these costumes since the 1897. Next to Black Rat, Siri work together with her mum in the family business, Sidserk Systue. There they make all kinds of bunads and educate others in making them correctly. 

A bunad shall last for 100 years and that is just as long as
Black Rat clothing should last as well.
— Siri Sveen Haaland



Oslo - "Norsk Designkonkurranse" finalist. 


Bergen - UKM finalist.


Oslo - Graduated from ESMOD and was awarded "Best Menswear Design".

Oslo - 1 of 6 finalists in the national design competition Moteukas Designkonkurranse.

Copenhagen - 1 of 30 finalists in the Nordic design competition Designers Nest.

Seoul - Featured in ESMOD Internationals annual showcase in South-Korea.

WGSN - Article in the worldwide trend forecast service WGSN

Oslo - Featured in SVA Magazine editorial


Gorizia - 1 of 24 worldwide finalists in the Italian design competition Mittelmoda

Milan - Interview in Fashion Trend Magazine (page 33)

Oslo - Interview in Norwegian Fashion Magazine

Oslo - Featured in Personae Magazine


Tallinn - 1 of 6 designers showing during MOMENT event, Tallinn Fashion Week

Moscow - Featured in NIkita music video "Танец в темноте"

NYC - Featured in SOMA Magazine editorial

London - Front page feature on NOT JUST A LABEL

London - Featured in SIX Magazine (page 77)


Oslo - Black Rat was born 12 Decemer 2012.