A collection consisting 8 pieces for him, her and unisex. We have tried to develop a collection that will work perfectly in you smart wardrobe - wear it both as everyday wear and for more formal occasions.


1) ANTIBACTERIAL - An unique quality which makes the fabric develop less unpleasant odors.
2) DRY - Bamboo is able to absorb up to three times its weight in water.
3) SOFT - It has the same feeling as cashmere. The bamboo fiber is round and soft without help of any chemical treatment. A good choice for any who are allergic to other natural fibers like wool or hemp.
4) INSULATION - Bamboo keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. A good replacement for wool.


Bamboo textile has many of the same qualities as wool and needs less washing than other materials as cotton and synthetic fibers. It is "self cleaning" with its anti-bacterial qualities. Wash it gently by hand or in the machine on fine or wool program. It gets clean on 30 degrees. DO NOT use washing programs with centrifugation when washing bamboo. This will make it shrink 3-5%. It is not the temperature of the water that makes it shrink, it is the mechanical centrifugation.

Photos from Plnty and Steven Stieng for Oslo Trend