This collection was featured as Newcomer of the year on Oslo Fashion Week and in OFW Magazine, February 2013.

"Mutiny" consits of 12 outfits. 6 menswear + 6 womenswear. The collection is inspired by the traveling sailor who has life experience built on hard weather and mutinies. The expression is part classic, part androgynous. The main fabric is different variations of wool. From water repellent wool fleece in jackets to soft merino wool jersey in the snoods. The pants model is iconic with its low crotch and stitchings as an old grandpa longings. In wool jersey of course.

Event photos: Magne Risnes
Lookbook: Kristoffer Skjæringrud

Makeup: Sonja Christin Pedersen

Models photoshoot: Joao Friezas and Emma Louise Stridh / No bureau
Location: BLÅ Oslo